Virtual Reality in the Preliminary Phase of the Project.

We always enjoy it seeing smile, excitement, and joy on the client’s faces.

In the phase of designing the preliminary design, we made possible the analysis of the architecture, temotechnical, hydraulic, and electrical installation to be done in the Virtual Reality, with this technology that the sense of space and size of the equipment was realistic, and resulted with new better ideas and new solutions.

A step-by-step method of installation was simulated in a virtual environment, and it was analyzed and presented in Virtual Reality, the joy of analyzing all details of the method of the installation, and the feelings that you see in front of you all phase of the project was big, also resulted with better and ideas and solution how the work can be done fester, safer and with cost-saving.


It is a real pleasure to see the use of this technology except in the entertainment industry realized when performing capital investment analysis, as well as increasing the productivity of the engineering team, we can conclude that when we apply this and new technologies for performing a task how are time-consuming and every detail should be reviewed carefully, we have to give to the engineering team a tool to use technology wisely, and contribute to greater productivity in performing specific, responsible tasks not through pressure but through pleasure and fun.

Our team is very pleased to apply and research the latest digitalization technology, implement where it has a practical application, and it contributes to greater control over the development of a project in the early stage, in terms of efficiency in bringing the right decisions, as well as in development and implementation phase of the project in terms time-saving, capital- savings, increasing security for projects in the production environment or construction project.


For this project, we Use HTC VIVE Elite VR googles and 3D CAD Data.

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