Simulations And Analysis

Having a detailed CAD model provides opportunities for analysis in different areas, which are leading force for the improvement of the design, reducing or eliminating the level of risks and concerns, improving it in means of safely and installation, as well as providing better control of the project.

We perform 3D data processing in order to adapt the model for different CAD platforms and software that offer different types of calculations and analysis.

This contributes to making the final checks on the design’s performance, as well as making the last improvements and modifications.

Motion Analysis

The motion analysis offers a detailed explanation of a system’s part, showing step-by-step installation details, way of assembling and dissembling, which is important for maintenance, methods of installation, safety analysis, process flow, etc.

Installation Methods

With a detailed CAD model, we can simulate the installation method in CAD platform using motion analysis of the parts, how the system is integrated into the installation area, taking in consideration all parameters that can affect the installation process thereby giving an opportunity for improvement and planning of the same process.

This type of simulation provides information in order for us to estimate the time for installation, the necessary resources, equipment and tools for this process, as well as to detect risks and concerns that may affect the installation process. This type of simulation is time-saving for improvements in this process, for communication with the stakeholders and contractors, makes it easier and you have a bigger control of the project in this phase.

Safety Analysis

With this type of analysis, we can make safety improvements in the installation process, maintenance, operations as well as to eliminate uncertain and risky actions in these procedures. This can also help in improvements and adjustments on the design in the area of safety measures for risky procedures in installation, maintenance, and operation.

Ergonomic Analysis

The ergonomic analysis is implemented with detailed analysis of the operations’ area, analysis of the relations with the operator that controls the equipment, analysis of the area’s equipment, analysis of emergency evacuation, restriction of the unsafe procedures and activity of the operator in order to prevent a human error.

The ergonomic analysis may improve operators’ productivity, speed up the production process, provide for easier operation and improve safety during operations.

Technical Analysis

CAD technologies offer different software and platforms that provide for technical calculation and analysis of the leading parameters in the development and implementation of mechanical engineering projects, considering all opportunities, capacities, improvements and creates documentation, which permits them to be integrated into the project.

Stress and displacement analysis

This is an analysis that calculates stress and displacement of the systems’ parts during its operation and calculates the acceptance straight on metal constructions and platforms.

This analysis is faster and more effective than old standard ways of calculation, which contributes to faster and better development of the project, is facilitates the work of engineers, improves the design and the used materials.


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