Preliminary Design and Drafting

The preliminary CAD is necessary for the feasibility phase of a project’s life cycle. Following the client’s preliminary inputs or URS for the project needs and the timeline for its delivery, with the CAD model, communication, presentation and early budgeting for the project will go smooth.

In this phase, a CAD model greatly assists in project development, project management, and research, improves communication with the vendors and helps the supplier in its presentation of the project solution or needs.

In the project’s early development, a CAD model is used for storage of technical information, which will contribute for more controlled, more efficient and faster development of the project in future, detecting even possible irregularities, risks and concerns how can be problems in the latter development and integration of the project. It also offers opportunities for analysis in the area of safe operation, ergonomics of operation and maintenance, safety procedures and planning for a method of installation and operation.

In this phase we are offering a drafting service for the technical part of mechanical installation projects, in a way of creating a 3D CAD model how will encompass all starting technical inputs implement on a quality 3D CAD model.

We create Preliminary 3D CAD design adjusts for easy handling, upgrading or editing, organized in assemblies, sub-assemblies, and parts with an easy approach for creating drafting drownings and documentations. The way we constructing the CAD model is organized and planned, taking consideration of the complicity and needs of the project, how will help for easy development, revision, viewing in consideration for processing technical information and needs from the CAD model in this phase of the project.

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