Method of Installation Simulation and Analysis

Reducing the risk of incidents and speeding up the process of installing additional equipment on an existing Mechanical installation, by simulating and controlling the process itself.

By creating a digital twin of an existing machine installation and a detailed CAD design of the new equipment that builds on the existing one, we can conduct risk analysis and establish control by planning the course of the installation.

We implement this through a detailed simulation of actions taken during installation.

We analyze them, plan and then control each activity separately. Visualization in 3 dimensions and time allows us to find the fastest and safest way in carrying out the activity.


The digital twin enables detailed and accurate construction of the equipment that builds on the existing installation, thus avoiding risky on-site activities and saving time.

Accurate planning is done, of all activities from the transportation of the equipment to the site to all other installation activities.

All protective measures are implemented depending on the nature and risk level of the activities.


The time interval of the activity is determined.

Through this methodology, the installation itself is more approachable, through visual representation to all parties involved in the project, and for professions that do not have a technical background, to understand the installation process and contribute with their expertise.

The whole simulation can be carried out in virtual reality and get a more accurate experience of the process of the installation and improve the installation to be safer and faster.

The installation process can be presented on-site with the help of augmented reality technology, on the spot of the installation, and with the help of a smartphone or augmented reality glasses it is possible to monitor the entire installation step by step using only a 3D model from the design of the machine installation.


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