Digital Twin can predicts disasters.

Using Digital Twin (of physical characteristics) predicts future defects, deformations, and even disasters. With 3D laser scanning of industrial facilities with high precision, and inspecting the physical characteristics of a part, system, or machine, through the creation of an intelligent BIM model with all necessary characteristics (materials, connections, temperature and etc.) we can analyze and monitor deformations and behavior of the part, system, or machine.
Suppose we repeat this method several times, on the same system in the same time interval at the same location points, under similar environmental influences (temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.).
In that case, we can predict the future damage and deformation of the system. If we place several points in the critical parts of the system and analyze them from several shots (at least three) through the displacement trajectory we can predict future deformations, from the deformation we are predicting defects, and from the defects, we can predict disasters, if we do not know how to calculate the deformations, we can enter the coordinates into a program solution and get a calculation through simulation and prediction. Of course, in this case, the behavior of the system, with other systems, fasteners, constructions, etc., should be taken into account.
Through this method, we can also discover the reasons why deformations and defects occur, which are often caused by incorrect use, installation of the equipment, or relationship with other systems and parts in the industrial capacity, as well as their behavior.
With these methods of using 3D Laser scanning technology for data capturing, creating intelligent BIM models, and using software for simulations and predictions, we are moving in direction of cheaper maintenance, safer industrial capacity, and a cleaner environment through maximum utilization of parts, systems, and machines.
Hope this will help you to understand the benefits, of using 3D technologies in analysis, simulations, and control.
The future is brighter if we use technology smart.

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