Digital Method For Deformation Analysis (CASE STUDY)

Latest technologies and methods allow efficient and detailed technical analysis in a short period of time, In this blog we will describe the method by which we managed to come to a documentary analysis by collecting parametric data in two days (12) hours and process them in 7 days, we got results which raised additional analyzes and discovered possible future defects.

In a period of regular shootdown and overhaul of the capacity for production of electricity based on thermal energy, we were asked to make a method of deformation analysis which will assist in a feasibility study to reach documented data and conclusions, and to assist and encourage investment that aims to refresh and extend the life of the facility.

The approach and method that we implemented, because in a very short period of time during regular shutdown, we did the data collection with laser scanning technology for industrial facilities, we process the data from the entire interior of the oven in the form of points (Point Cloud).

We processed the obtained parametric data point cloud and came to a parametric 3D CAD model optimized for program solution of SOLIDWORKS.

The Identity of the point cloud data the Real Situation was + – 1mm and + -5mm from the point cloud to the 3D CAD Model.

The inspection of the accuracy of the point cloud and the CAD model was carried out by comparison in a cross section of 50cm taking into account that it is a 65m high furnace.

While the deformation analysis was carried out by comparison between the CAD model of the Detailed Design and the AS-Build CAD model created from the scanned data, the accuracy inspection is also conducted at 50 cm.

With this method, for a rather short period of time, we got a knowledge and foresaw the need for additional funds, possible future defects, removed doubts.]

This method provides documented data that can serve as evidence for requesting additional funds, possible future defects, etc.

If we implement this method every year or at every overhaul, we can get models that would predict the operation and possible problems for a longer period, by comparing and processing the data with the help of artificial intelligence.

This method is very useful for facilities that can have a terrible impact on the environment, through this method can ensure and control and predict the future response of the facility.

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