BOM Documentation

Build of Materials Documentation in Mechanical Engineering and Operational Projects

BOM (Build of materials) documentation in mechanical engineering and operational projects is becoming more and more relevant with the release of BIM models, firstly due to the great benefit that occurs in all phases of a mechanical engineering project, as well as easy export through a well-designed BIM model.

This document contains information about all parts of the machine installation from quantity to size, material, identification number, manufacturer, procurement information as well as usability and recommended part change, normally if we want to add additional information it can do so.

Recently, for certain software solutions that are oriented towards mechanical engineering projects, the manufacturers of the pars systems themselves share BIM models and families for parts that they offer on the market. Contributing accurate information about the parts in the implementation of technical analysis and simulations, as well as other information which speeds up the process of project development.

This type of documentation has an application from the initial phase of the project in research, budgeting, availability, and planning by the project team.

In the stage of build and installation, BOM documentation helps in control, communication, management, and implementation of the equipment itself, helping all involved parties, the project team in controlling materials that are integrated into the installation process, the team that performs this process accelerates the phase due to definition and a description of the parts including all relevant information needed for installation.

The biggest benefit from this type of documentation is after the completion of the project in the part of the overhaul, elimination of defects as well as training of new staff who interact with the process equipment.

The functionality, communication, analysis, and training of the teams in charge of managing, maintaining, R&D, and operating with the manufacturing process have a great benefit and relief from this type of documentation.

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