BOM and Documentation

CAD technology offers an easier and faster way of technical communication by creating technical drawings, which are used in the design’s improvement phase, for discussion and analysis of the solutions, in the development phase, for installation and handover of the project. We achieve this with the creation of BOM documentation, technical documentation, manuals for installation and maintenance, manuals for operation, etc.

Bill of Materials is a list of all systems, assemblies, sub-assemblies, parts in the operations process, materials and parameters for the equipment and its function. This type of documentation is necessary for all projects and helps in the systems’ operation, creation of system specifications, training and introduction to the system, maintenance, etc.

Using the latest technologies for creating BOM, we provide better quality of showing the most important technical information of the system, assemblies, sub-assemblies, and parts sorted in table for easy search and view of the information. This contributes for easy specification, maintenance, and creation of trending documentation.

Upon your request, we can also create drawings for parts and constructions, adhering to ISO standards.
We also create manuals for installation, maintenance and operation with the equipment in order to make the communication with clients and vendors easier.

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