AS-Build CAD Model For Deformation Inspection

We are glad to announce that, this period during the regular shutdown of the Kosovo B Power Plant, In 3D technology was hired to create a digital twin of the Furnace in cold condition.

To process and create a 3D data how will be accessible for the Engineering team on normal computer systems (regular laptops) and to be used for deformation analyses in the coming period.

To create this  Digital Twin in the section of equal physicals parameters of the real Furnace and the 3D CAD model we performed the actions below.

This was challenging project in more sections, first the limitation of access in the furnace require prices planning and skills.

To move and work in extreme condition was requiring a prices risk assessment with high level of health and safety procedures and protocols how was created by our team and approved by the client team.

Capturing of the environment inside in the Furnace was performed with 3D laser on 15 measured spots in period of 12 hours by Furnace.

We created a high resolution Point Cloud with HR 360 Color Picuris and we succeed to capture all еnvironment inside with high resolution parameters and from this data we create a HR Poly Mesh.

In order the 3D data to be ease accessible on all computer systems, we create a CAD model with SOLID structure on the 3D shapes and this Model was optimized to be opened in SolidWorks with out damaged 3D objects and ordered in groups.

To create a CAD Model how is friendly with SolidWorks we came with a method of creating a 3D Data how are almost identical with the point cloud and the real Furnace.

We are happy that we help the client team to have this data and to perform a deformation inspection be-twin the Detailed Design CAD model of the furnace and the as-build 3D model from the point cloud.

We hope that this analysis will help them for better and faster planning of the futured actions.

Point CloudPoly MeshCAD Model

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