Point Cloud

Application of 3D Scanning Data in Capital Projects in Manufacturing

Industrial laser scanning is a method through which a parametric data in the form of dots is collected from the environment with the help of a 3D scanner. Depending on the scanner and the setting, an accuracy of up to 1mm can be achieved, parameters can be collected from 60cm up to 130m distance from the device. The data received from the scanner is processed and a cloud of points is obtained, the Point Cloud is an identical virtual 3D environment of the real environment.


Planning and implementation of capital investments in manufacturing.

For the purpose of accurate, detailed and documented communication, design and implementation of the investment, the real situation from the environment. where a new equipment should be installed is capturing with laser scanner, and this data will bring all procedures, analysis and step from the project in digital environment.

The equality of the real environment and the virtual model, provides excellent conditions for design, simulation and analysis, the equality of the conditions that affect to the system and the reaction of the system can be precise simulate, this will provides accurate simulation and precise analysis, from which quite useful information can be provided at the initial design stage.

If the scanning is performing at each stage of the construction or installation process, documentation is providing that can be use in the future to locate specific place of specific installation. This can be useful if we want to find a rote of specific installation or part inside in a wall or closed system without any additional activities.

Installation Inspection
Upon completion of the installation, the capacity is scanning again and a comparison is made between the detailed design and the point cloud, thus determining the accuracy of the installation.
This method is also used during inspections of used equipment to determine the depreciation of equipment.

– Accelerates the process of installation of new equipment, reduces the risk, reduces the cost, increases the control during the installation and implementation of the project, documents the project.

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