3D Data Processing

We provide full service of creating, optimization and synchronization on 3D DATA, to be used in all 3D platforms, whether the data is parametric or non-parametric, intelligent or non-intelligent, created from virtual environment or exporter of scanning real environment.

At our company, we specialize in providing our clients with accurate 3D data that fully describes their projects. With our expertise and experience, we focus on mechanical engineering projects, from MEP installations in residential buildings to complex equipment systems in manufacturing.

All 3D data can be processed or optimized to be used in multiple 3D platforms, whether it is used for presentation, simulation, animation, analysis, or other methods where 3D data have a great impact, we help you convert the data from one virtual environment to be used in another, from one extension to another, from one type to another.

Below listed all types of 3D data processing and practical usage:

Surface Model

This type of model is used for inspection of parts, inspection of models or inspection of production quality.

Solid Model

This type of model is used for technical analysis, CAM, 3D printing, communication between software solutions and more.

AS-Build Model

Model for reverse engineering the first step in Digital Twin and digital transformation, most used for analysis in mechanical engineering, inspections, automatization and more.

BIM Model

Industrial Bim - Detailed plant, process, or factory model how have information's and indigent links for mechanical and process equipment and installations. Architectural Bim - Detailed Building model covered with all phases.

Point Cloud Data

Data captured from 3D scanner and processed from point cloud to BIM model, used in creation of As-build models, Inspections, Analysis and simulations.

3D Motion Simulations

Simulation on methods, simulation on processes, motion analysis, used for training, analysis, predictions and more.

3D Data optimization

Optimization and synchronization on 3D Data, to be used on multiple 3D software solutions, different systems configurations, and to serves the needed purpose.

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