Detailed 3D CAD

Following the implementation of early research of the CAD model, led by the currently available solutions, the availability of vendors and equipment, the timeline, etc., and following the feasibility and initial phase of the project’s life cycle, it is time for a detailed technical information and its integration in a detailed 3D CAD. This will be a starting point for future development, analysis, improvements and integration of the project.

We offer a detailed 3D CAD processing of construction, mechanical systems, additional equipment; integration of instruments in their installation, adaptation in the surrounding area; creating BOM, manuals for using and maintenance, as well as any other benefits available with the CAD technology.

With our services, you are getting a faster and better quality of the design in its development phase, a great opportunity for improvements, simplified work for the management team and better communication with vendors and contractors.

Our services offer 3D laser scanning of the already installed area and equipment and processing of the 3D data obtained by the scan. 3D laser scanning is necessary in order to create a model from the area for its future integration in the detailed 3D design. It is also necessary for installation planning, safety analysis, procedures, etc. We are working with different scanning technologies and data processing methods in order to adapt the data for the software you are using.

The level of details that the CAD model contains will be adapted with mutual consultations in order to contain all information that is needed in the given moment, whereby, adapting its future improvements, analysis, presentation and data processing for different CAD platforms and software. This depends on the projects’ needs, the complexity of the model, the available technology and performances of the CAD software.

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